Do you have the following problems?

What just happened at that meeting? How did that motion get rammed through the meeting? Why didn’t I get to debate the motion? If you have ever asked yourself these questions, we are the group for you! Our organization promotes the principles and rules of Robert’s Rules of Order Newly Revised, 12th Edition to promote fair and effective meetings.

Then we can help you!

The Missouri State Association of Parliamentarians (MSAP), a division of the National Association of Parliamentarians (NAP), is an educational organization committed to providing instruction and opportunities in parliamentary procedure for groups and individuals. It offers an annual educational seminar and supports its units that meet at different times and locations throughout the state.

Our units are committed to the study of Robert’s Rules of Order Newly Revised, 12th Edition. Our members are leaders in other community organizations who study parliamentary procedure to benefit those organizations, such as homeowner’s and condominium associations, Toastmasters, Daughters of the American Revolution, political organizations, church councils and auxiliaries, city councils, and a wide variety of other nonprofit organizations.

The Purpose of the Missouri State Association of Parliamentarians is to:

  • Promote interest in and study of parliamentary procedure and the educational programs of NAP.
  • Bring into closer cooperation the parliamentarians of the state.
  • Interest deliberative groups in the democratic practice of this procedure in their government.
  • Promote opportunities for the study of parliamentary law.

There are many reasons our members choose to join MSAP.  If you are interested in improving your knowledge of Robert’s Rules of Order Newly Revised, 12th Edition, please look over the different types of membership to find what’s right for you.