Benefits of MSAP

Missouri parliamentary units meet at a variety of days, times and locations to accommodate busy schedules. Members-at-large are not affiliated with units, but are members of MSAP and enjoy the benefits of membership. MSAP is very diverse in its membership and welcomes anyone interested in more effective meetings and better structure to their organizations.

Membership in MSAP provides members with many benefits, including:

  • Study Groups

    Access to study groups for different levels of study and credentialing.

  • Missouri Parliamentarian Subscription

    Subscription to the Missouri Parliamentarian, published three times a year with information about training opportunities, educational articles, and information on units.

  • Discounts

    Discounts on educational materials, when purchased in conjunction with MSAP activities.

  • Education

    Membership in parliamentary units to continue educational opportunities.

  • Network

    Largest network of credential parliamentarians in the state.

  • Long Distance Learning

    Access to a variety of long distance learning opportunities.

Ready to join the network and get started on improving your knowledge of Robert’s Rules of Order Newly Revised with MSAP?