Types of Membership

  • Provisional Member

    A Provisional Member is one interested in the study of parliamentary procedure, but who is new to the organization. These members are full participants in MSAP and their units, but are not members of NAP. Provisional members are not credentialed parliamentarians.

  • NAP Member

    An NAP Member is a provisional member who has demonstrated basic knowledge of parliamentary procedure by passing an entry level examination. These members have full membership in NAP and may serve as delegates to the NAP biennial convention. NAP members are not credentialed parliamentarians.

  • Registered Parliamentarian (RP)

    A Registered Parliamentarian (RP) is an NAP member who has demonstrated an in-depth knowledge of parliamentary procedure and passed a comprehensive examination. This is the first of two levels of credentialed parliamentarians.

  • Professional Registered Parliamentarian (PRP)

    A Professional Registered Parliamentarian (PRP) is an RP who has demonstrated advanced skills and knowledge in putting parliamentary procedure into action. These members are required to maintain their certification through NAP and continue their education. This is the highest level of credentialed parliamentarians.

To join MSAP, please contact a unit president near you or complete the application below and someone will contact you soon!

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